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montauk tuna on the aisling in 2003

Hotels Near the Harbor
("relatively" inexpensive)
Top $$ Accommodations
(if you don't mind spending)

Sail Inn
Westlake Drive
Around the corner from our marina and close to the inlet and a quiet beach. Even some good surf fishing within walking distance.
Tell George Capt. Kevin Shea sent ya!

Montauk Yacht Club
Star Island Road
(2 min drive from our marina)

West Lake Drive
Just follow the trail of happy fisherman.
We miss ya Bob!
Gurney's Inn
Old Montauk Highway
(about 10 mins drive from our marina)
Blue Haven
West Lake Drive
East Deck Motel
In the "Ditch Plains" area
Beautiful! Right on the south beach and near my favorite surf fishing jetty.
( 631 ) 668-2334
Of course there are many other hotels in Montauk. These are the ones that are either close to us, recommended by other fisherman or, in the case of Gurney's and the Yacht Club, nice and pricey. If you have another hotel suggestion under these criteria, please let me know via email

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